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TikTok is watching the local review content

Clarified company (ByteDance) Bytedance developer to develop social networking (TikTok) TikTok it will stop the use of the resident staff in China regarding the examination content in any other country and more than 100 projects will have to either find other positions within the parent company (ByteDance) or the adventure, according to the Wall Street Journal last.

TikTok is watching the local review content

Said application (TikTok) TikTok the local teams in certain areas should assume responsibility for within a few weeks, this move comes after the company has taken the developer to investigate steps to reassure the world and ease the fears of U.S. national security that the Chinese government does not turn in its application abroad, including the use of Project non-Chinese to the United States and plans to focus on transparency.

Attracted the growing popularity of the development TikTok the attention of some lawmakers worried about its roots to the Chinese, and the short videos of the famous recurring theme to the scrutiny of the government, amid fears that the parent company, (byte Dan) Bytedance taken from the Beijing-based, it may work for the Chinese government, which is denied by the police frequently.

The company tried to patch things up by separating the processes of application management from the rest of its business in the country, and the step counts on the draft local opportunities application monitoring data political, and other content that you don't like the Chinese government, and may also help in increasing cultural understanding.

Although the current staff are part of the team trust and safety, a subsidiary (ByteDance) in Beijing and speak foreign languages, and are familiar with the foreign culture that they drink to manage the content, except that the local staff may have a better chance to understand the cultural differences and nuances.

Focuses the team trust and safety to oversee the content and development of internal policies relating to the content, and said (Josh Gartner) Josh Gartner, a spokesman for the TikTok: “We work to find options within the company for employees residing in China,” he said, adding that these employees monitor the content for some areas outside the United States, and that the local teams should expect their role within a few weeks.
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